Some help would be appreciated greatly

2013-10-07 02:29:13 by MeMyselfAndEyes

I did some avatar art for Koda Crest not too long ago an uploaded it here hoping to figure out which version was "better"
The only difference between the two being one has shading and line art, the other does not. It made such a huge difference that I thought it might be helpful to see which version people like better.

The shaded/lined version
The "lineless" version

They give off two very different impressions so I'd like honest opinions on which one you like better and most importantly why? Even if it's just one's "styled" better or you think the other seems cuter. It would be very appreciated.

~Thanks Mmae


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2013-10-08 11:17:27

What an awesome difference lines can make! I definitely prefer the outlined version though. It might be because the colors don't contrast enough on the other, there's a lot of pink/beige and it all meshes together a bit. Another way would be to use lighter lines, in other colors than black... but the shaded version really looks perfect.