Same Predicament Different Drawing

2014-09-14 12:38:20 by MeMyselfAndEyes

So I just finished a (utterly oversimplified) piece for my current avatar at RecolorMe and came across a bit of a toss up for styling. The first more a deep charcoal gray, the other is darker but soft red lines and I really can't decide which I like better. Could really use an outside/objective opinon. 

edit: ew.....why is it all yellow/white in the back? They both have clear backers....and why the hell doesn't it show up in the preview.



I did some avatar art for Koda Crest not too long ago an uploaded it here hoping to figure out which version was "better"
The only difference between the two being one has shading and line art, the other does not. It made such a huge difference that I thought it might be helpful to see which version people like better.

The shaded/lined version
The "lineless" version

They give off two very different impressions so I'd like honest opinions on which one you like better and most importantly why? Even if it's just one's "styled" better or you think the other seems cuter. It would be very appreciated.

~Thanks Mmae

Herp-Derp on Ref Images

2013-06-09 07:14:09 by MeMyselfAndEyes

So I completely forgot to put the reference images onto my first three submissions and every time I attempt to edit them to add them on the site decides to shut me out. So I'm going to just have to list them here for now.

DA Raynesinnette- Leiya OC Ref: nette-375257914?q=favby%3Araynesinnette%2F550690 42&qo=10

Arodynamics Art Freebie Ref: ink/My%20Avi%20Art/gonnagettentacled.png
(girl on the right)

The Maiden Goddess Art Freebi Ref: 5ea9a750bdcdee160cae/ /albums/pp103/Lovely_Lost_Love/Cute2_zpsd05ef9eb .png

I shall try to be more conscious of this in the future but I have a god awful memory so this will almost certainly happen again. *trudges off to draw more freebies*

Oh! And if you ever want some art from me, just drop me a PM and I'd be happy to work something out for you.